Saturday, May 19, 2012

Duck, Duck Moose

I think I need to look at merchandising Dog Dog appears there may be a market for it! :)

Friday, May 11, 2012


Remodeling projects have been going on in the house since shortly after the holidays.  Dave, the contractor has been here almost every day working hard on the many projects on his to do list.  Other contractors have been in and out as well, so the dogs have had more opportunities to be outside 'exploring.'  Yesterday the following scenario took place:

My cell phone rings (unknown Anchorage phone #)...
Me: "Hello?"
Unknown Alaskan: "Do you own Dave?"
Me: (think to myself...well Dave is WORKING at the house but I wouldn't say I 'own' him)... Say out loud.. 'Um...'
Unknown Alaskan: "I mean do you own a dog named Dave?"
Me: (lightbulb goes ON) Say, "oh, YES, yes I do..."
Unknown Alaskan: "Well, he's sitting on my porch..."

The little turd decided to go on his own little jaunt down the road to the house at the end of the street...I told the nice 'neighbor' I would be right there and proceeded to drive down the road to get him...when I arrived at her home, he was happily following her back and forth as she unloaded groceries from her car.  When he saw me, he came strolling over with his tail wagging like this is something he does every day.  He has been known to wander but never this far, so as of now, his 'roaming' privileges are revoked indefinitely.

But at least I know his new dog tag works! :)