Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I Have to Laugh

This is what I was greeted to this morning as I left to get to work...
I didn't freak out, I started laughing...because it's just becoming comical to me that I am having so many issues with my 'new' vehicle.  And I'd like to take a moment to share why I'm thankful this morning:

 ~ I have a really kind co-worker who drove out of his way to come and pick me up
 ~ the same kind co-worker got out the car jack and attempted to get the tire off so we could bring it to work and have our mechanic fix it, so I was able to observe how to work the car jack (in the event I need to use it on my road trip).  We (well, let's face it...HE...I just stood there and watched) was not able to get the tire off the wheel or frame or whatever it's called
 ~ I work in a place that has a mechanic on-site
 ~ our mechanic said if we couldn't get the tire off relatively easily it means the tires hadn't been rotated in a LOOOOOONG time (have I mentioned lately that I will NEVER ever buy a car from the same dealership again?), but thankfully with the help of a rubber mallet he was able to pop it off, bring it back to the shop and repair the tire in a matter of minutes
 ~ the downpour of rain held off until we were able to get the tire off and get ourselves back inside AND I didn't actually waste time doing my hair today, opting for the lazy day baseball hat option so the rain can come down as much as it wants and it won't make a difference to me one way or another
 ~ my tires are going to get rotated
 ~ when I went back to my house with the mechanic to get the vehicle, I realized I had left my front door WIDE open (maybe subconsciously I was hoping to get robbed, lessening my decision making in what to take / what to get rid of and what to leave behind?!?), but was able to shut it and it appears people in Parker CO are not the B&E (breaking & entering) type.

Hoping tomorrow is less eventful, but full of just as many things for which I can be thankful!  :)


Leanne said...

Wow, Mel! What a good attitude you've got! Way to look at that glass half FULL. I need to borrow some of your perspective, I think...

MaryMary said...

Are you kidding? I am so sorry, but that is awesome that you have peeps right there to help.

Ashley can show you how to change a tire too. ;)

Ashley said...

Mel - are you sure you don't want our Jeep :) :) We seriously need a mini-van so the Jeep is up for sale!! Kidding - hope you have a better day!!

Melody said...

Ashey- I wondered when you all were going to take the minivan leap... :) now that Victoria is here, she's kind of forced your hand, hasn't she? :)