Monday, January 30, 2012

More Hurricane Winds

I had the chance to break in the new snowblower again, and again and again earlier this month...Anchorage has already reached it's average snow 'quota' and we've still got a couple more months to go...I'm officially past the point of thinking the snow is when it snows, I just think, 'oh, crap...more work'.  It IS getting easier and faster for me using the blower, however, I don't care HOW experienced you are with snow removal...when there are 95+ mph winds blowing all day and all night AND it's snowing...the result is insanely high snow drifts...and a snowblower, or even a plow truck isn't gonna cut it...this is what happened while my mom was visiting...stuck...again...but instead of a fallen tree blocking the driveway, we were snowed in with drifts across the driveway.
this is where the driveway should be...instead...there is a wall of snow
the marks in the snow were my feeble attempts with the snowblower
not even a plow truck is getting through this
There was more tree damage...this time to one of the deciduous trees in the back deck...thankfully there was no damage to the roof...
This was the first day since being in Alaska that I thought, 'What the HELL am I doing here?!?"  I had to call a company with a bobcat to come and dig us out...and missed working one of my PT job shifts as we weren't out in time for me to cover it, but I was never so happy to be free as when John, from John's Excavating, came knocking on the door.  :)
and proof that I actually DO know how to use the snowblower...we got MORE snow the day after John cleared us out...
 the piles of snow left by the backhoe
 there I am...
 John Deere is my new best friend :)


Ashley said...

You look awesome in Green :) Hoping for a less snowy February and March for you!

Mary said...

All of these snow pictures here and on Facebook from Denver peeps have me convinced I should have plenty of milk in the fridge to hunker down for the storm.

That's a lot of snowblowing!