Tuesday, June 5, 2012

May Updates

A lot of these updates were shared on Facebook but for those that are not on Facebook, I'll do some quick updates here...

- I felt my first earthquake - measured 4.7 on the Richter scale - there was a loud rumbling sound and then the house shook back and forth a few times - I had just woken up and felt the bed shake back and forth a little - at first I thought it was the wind, but then realized it was an earthquake...no damage was done - kind of a cool experience!

- The contractor working on the house called me a few weekends ago to report a mama bear (black bear) and 3 cubs were on the back deck...and one of the cubs was attempting to climb a tree that grows up out of the deck...I thought they'd be long gone by the time I returned home later that day, but I did catch a glimpse of the mama and one of the cubs from a distance off one of the neighboring roads...the cubs were TINY.

- Then just last week, the contractor called for me to come downstairs and 'see the bear'...we saw this little guy running through the trees/shrubs...but no sign of his mama or any siblings.  I also read an article last night about a neighboring community that has been advised to be on the look out for up to 4 brown bears (grizzlies) that have been reported in the neighborhood.  They killed a homeowner's llama and have been attracted by trash left out...it's a good reminder to be mindful when out and about for sure!
- We'll be at our peak soon for # of daylight hours...we're at approximately 19 hours right now...the sunset is supposed to be 11:30pm tonight.  I'm sitting out on the deck right now, approximately 8:30pm with the sun still shining high in the sky...a beautiful night!

- Am seeing more and more small planes flying every day - Dave appears to think they are some kind of bird and barks at them.

- I also saw my first porcupine driving home one evening - it was attempting to cross a busy street but stopped, raised the quills on his back and turned around when he found  himself in the path of a cars headlights.

- And finally, saw my first owl as well - it perched up in the tree one night a few weeks ago, I think it was trying to decide if the dogs were worth pursuing for dinner...but considering their recent vet visit, I think it would have been a challenge for the owl to haul either one of them away as Duncan is 30 lbs and Dave is 34 lbs...guess I wasn't the only one that filled out over the winter! :)


atvmtngirl said...

Exciting month!!

Tara said...

Not sure what would scare me more; the earthquake or the bears!! Haha...It all sounds awesome though:)

Melody said...

Tara - the earthquake was so fast, but it was kind of cool - not that I wish for a lot of devastation and destruction, but I'd kind of like to experience another one sometime...although I guess I should be careful what I wish for!

Tara said...

Yea, I know what you mean...We had a tornado scare last night and all piled into the closet together. Nothing happened, so the kids and I decided it was kind of fun since nobody got hurt and they are hoping for another tornado to come tonight!