Monday, June 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Dave!

I am a bad puppy parent this year ~ too busy with packing and finishing up projects at work ~ I haven't been doing ANY cooking or baking for me let alone my 4 legged children...and I didn't even make it to the pet bakery to get a traditional puppy birthday cake, so what you see is a 'stock' image from last year's "celebration"  :)
I hope she hurries up and takes the stupid picture already...I have some cake to eat!!

 Yum...this is REALLY tasty!

 Hurry up Duncan, I want another better not lick off all the peanut butter frosting!

Today, Dave is 8 years old!  I've had him for almost 2 years now ~ I 'adopted' him from a woman who was moving and couldn't keep him...when I got him, he was looking pretty sad...
sportin' some Donald Trump comb over hair on his forehead

VERY overweight

very out of shape...I didn't 'walk' him so much as 'drag' him along on our first outings...

 the boys checking each other out after meeting one another

He had a bad limp, bad hips/arthritis, just generally unhealthy...I wasn't sure what I'd gotten myself in to with definitely helped to have Duncan and already have an established routine - we started out taking shorter walks and just gradually built up...he started getting a glucosamine pill every day and there was almost an immediately noticeable difference in his walking - no more limping and not nearly as stiff.  He did require some dental work as well (said good-bye to 11 teeth at one time - ouch!).  But he is SO much better now ~ and he is SUCH a sweetheart.  He actually is scheduled to have a few more teeth come out tomorrow (I found out dogs have LOTS of teeth...42 to be exact).  Unfortunately he just has bad teeth...but the vet assures me they adapt over time, and quite frankly, I know he doesn't chew with those teeth right now anyway.

Both of 'the boys' are on the larger side for Cavaliers, and Dave could probably STILL stand to lose a couple of pounds, but at this stage of his life, I'm not going to begrudge him a little extra 'fluff'.  He gets good exercise...he actually RUNS now (Duncan has some competition chasing those bunnies)...and he is such a snugglebug.  I didn't intend to ever own two dogs, but now I can't imagine NOT having him... :)

Today he and Duncan are having a 'play date' (actually, they've been having a play date for the last week or so) with two little girls who I know love them very much, so I think he's going to have a pretty good day in spite of his neglectful mom! :)


Ashley said...

Happy Birthday Dave!!!

MaryMary said...

Happy birthday Dave! He doesn't even look like the same dog anymore!

Robin said...

You are not neglectful, your pups were dognapped. Yes the dognappers love them very much and have taken extra special care of them. Girls brought the pups to the pet store and got Dave a chew toy and some treats for his birthday. Dave may need to go back on a diet. We will miss you and them very much.