Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Exploring Downtown

I've been trying to balance a little bit of work with a little bit of fun ~ now that my friends have left and I'm on my own, I have no more excuses not to get completely unpacked.  So Saturday was busy doing a lot of that, as well as some errands.

Sunday was SUNNY, so I knew I wanted to get outside!  I took the dogs downtown to a park and one of the many trails around town ~ this one was called the Coastal Trail cleverly enough because it follows the coastline.  :)
We first stopped at Resolution Park, which is slightly misleading as it's not really a park...more like a viewing area...it does provide a great view of the Cook Inlet and the Alaska mountain range, but there is no grass or trees.  It's marked by this statue of Captain James Cook, a great explorer and navigator who helped chart many far away places while in the Royal Navy.
and just a short walk away is a well known and well loved local hot spot...a place that I would compare to Snooze in Denver.
It's called "Snow City Cafe" and they have GREAT breakfasts!  I've been 3 times since I got here and each breakfast was delicious.  There is always a wait, but they do allow you to call ahead to put your name on the list which helps cut down your wait.

I stopped by the Visitor Information Center just because it's so pretty ~ there are flowers everywhere throughout downtown...I picked up a few brochures with ideas for future weekend exploring as well.  I'm definitely fortunate in that I can do all of the 'touristy' activities without having the time crunch that vacationers must deal with. 
During the summer, there is an outdoor market / festival that takes place every weekend.  It's pet friendly, so we wandered through...a lot of local artists, photographers, crafters, food booths and other vendors...definitely geared towards the touristy set but still fun to walk around...
I was trying to figure out if this was a dog or what he was supposed to be, but I overheard one of the visitor center guides say 'that's the most pathetic polar bear I've ever seen'...so I guess that's what he was...made more pathetic looking when he's standing next to that ferocious grizzly bear! :)

My final stop was on the way home...guess what I found?  Awhile back, I'd read there was going to be a self-serve frozen yogurt place going in at the airport but they would only have 3 flavor options...well, this one is NOT at the airport...and they have 12 different flavors to choose from...their 'toppings' bar is not QUITE as extensive as some of the others I have seen, but that's okay...I was just happy to learn I have a fro-yo shop nearby!
I spent the rest of the afternoon sitting on the patio reading a book and enjoying the sun ~
the wildlife continues to be somewhat sporadic...either that, or they just are out and about really early in the morning before I am usually awake...

I was getting ready to let the dogs out the other night but noticed this little one hanging out in the yard. 
I looked around for his mama but he was by himself...and I've since learned he is called a yearling...the mamas usually become pregnant and about a week before she gives birth, she basically kicks out her one year old from the year before and sends him on his way to fend for himself as she has taught him everything she can and she wants to give birth alone.  Talk about tough love!

And finally, only in Alaska...
 Just Married...
 with a rack on top... :)


Melody said...

How fun! I love your pictures and am loving following along while you get settled. Enjoy your adventure.

Ashley said...

We miss you! Glad you are enjoying the sun and Alaska fun though :)

MaryMary said...

That's OBVIOUSLY a polar bear! ;) Alaska looks fun. Someday I'l be able to go back outside during the day and explore!

A new brekkie place is the first thing you need to find..that's a given. Congrats on finding it...can't wait to try it! Did Ash and Dean give a timeframe for when they are thinking of visiting?