Saturday, March 24, 2012

Outdoor Fun: Whittier, Outdoor Movies & Snowshoeing

A few days after visiting Girdwood, I was invited to drive down to Whittier to check out the reports of even MORE snow than Anchorage or Girdwood - and we were NOT disappointed...
 This is the school in Whittier
 This is the entrance to the school...thankfully there is also an underground tunnel that leads from the residence building to the school so the students do not have to go outside...
 Go Eagles!
 Some of the students who come to Anchorage for the Voyage to Excellence program I am working with attend school here.
 the flagpole
 see the wall of snow behind the stop sign?  It's HUGE
 the snow covers up most of the windows
 This is Carol, one of my bosses...again, see the wall of snow behind her?
 This is Tony, one of my co-workers, climbing up the 'mountain' of snow behind the school
 he made it to the top...
 and continued to walk on top of the snow - he was walking on top of trees
 one of my other co-workers, Jenna, climbing to the summit
 backside of the school
 and trying to come back down, without rolling down the pile of snow
 here comes Tony
 unique way of coming down...
As soon as we stepped out of the car and began walking through the lot, I slipped and fell on the ice...falling seems to be a natural extension of trying to walk for I did NOT try to climb up any snow walls. :)
 Here guys were clearing snow off the roof of a building
 and again, this is the building where the majority of the 182 residents of Whittier live - the school is located behind this building
 I don't think this van is going anywhere for awhile...
 neither is the truck...yes, that is a truck buried next to it
 docked boats
 another buried vehicle

This was quite a different view of Whittier from my summer visit!
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Celebrating birthdays are always fun ~ especially when they are for other people!  This was my contribution to the birthday boy...
thanks to one of my Pinterest idea boards
How does one celebrate a 40th birthday in Anchorage on a Friday evening in March?  By watching an old black and white film...outside...on the side of the house...a nice arrangement of patio seating or snow benches were provided...
It was a 1922 documentary, called "Nanook of the North", projected from old film reels (you know the kind you had in junior high and high school science classes - the ones that make the click, click, click sound as they rotate around the projector)?
Nanook's family coming out of a kayak...he had a wife, a child, an infant, and a puppy all stored in that looked like a small clown car at the they all crawled out from the front of the kayak
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And finally, in honor of St. Patty's Day (not really), I went snowshoeing for the first time...
 looking north towards Anchorage - Mt. McKinley in the background - it was a PERFECT day - except for the part where we immediately starting snowshoeing up a VERY vertical trail...
Kicked. My. Butt!
 Tailgate party afterward in honor of St. Patty's day
 portable kitchen, portable speakers with Irish tunes, and Irish beer
 it was fun snowshoeing...
 but the tailgating was even MORE fun...


Mary said...

Wow that is outrageous! Are you still working both jobs or just this one?

Eli Berry said...

I have a question regarding NANOOK OF THE NORTH. I have a 16mm print of the film, but it's lacking the title cards. Does this print have them? And are they original to the release of the film? Thanks so much.