Thursday, March 22, 2012

Updates, Updates, Updates

So the Iditarod is over ~ the winner was 25 year old Dallas Seavey - the youngest musher to win the Iditarod.  He follows in his father's footsteps as his father won the race in 2004.  The second place winner was a female musher, Aliy Zirkle, coming in an hour after Seavey.  It was fun following along reading updates on the progress and delays some of the teams encountered...stories of mushers falling asleep while riding, falling off their sled, having to catch up with their dog team.  Remember Lance Mackey?
He was delayed at one stop for approximately 45 minutes while his male lead dog and his female lead dog (who was in heat) decided it was a good time to hook up.  There was no breaking up those two. (I'm guessing that was NOT part of his last minute discussion in the above photo).

As of last week, we are 3.3 inches away from breaking the snowfall record in Anchorage...that would be over 132 math multiplication tables may be a little rusty, but I believe that is ELEVEN FEET of snow... there have been reports of several roof collapses over the past several weeks, including this church roof:
I thought Anchorage had a lot of snow, until I went back down to about some major snowfall...
 perhaps a new marketing tool for a shed company?

kind of a funky / cool snow pattern on this roof
 some Colorado influence in Girdwood  :)
 this looks like a gingerbread house with a big glob of frosting plopped on the roof - just needs some candy accessories and it's all set

I attended a Mardi Gras themed fundraiser one night with some of my school co-workers...
It was a fundraiser for the Roundhouse Museum in Alyeska.   
It was held at one of the board members homes in Girdwood, situated with a great view of the slopes at Alyeska Ski resort
 candle holders are made out of ice
 wall of windows looking out at the slopes
 lights on for night skiing
 a wood-fire pizza oven was brought in for the evening
The beer drinking unicorn lady won the costume contest...well deserved after wearing that around for the evening! :)

I think that's enough updating for one post...but I have more to share soon!


Mary said...

Those snow pictures are crazy but oh so pretty!

atvmtngirl said...

Awesome snow pics! Can't believe the amount of snow!