Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Canada, eh?

Sunday was the start of part 2 of this road trip...Amy and I left Seattle and crossed over into the foreign lands of Canada...woo hoo!!
 no wait to get in to Canada

The scenery was very much like what we expected...
 The Canadian Rockies look a lot like the Colorado Rockies... :)
 It appears I have some Canadian predecessors... :)

We stopped in a small 'town' called Cache Creek...described as the Arizona of Canada ~ it was warmer, drier and more 'desert' like than any other part of Canada we saw (see the palm tree)?
We met some really nice people, including the group of bikers staying in the room next to us ~ thankfully they appeared to be 'middle-aged' bikers, so after a short time outside visiting and drinking beers, they turned in at a decent time, so we were ALL able to get some sleep! :)


MaryMary said...

Looks byooteeeful! Hope it's the best experience!

ashley @ ashley's adventures in alaska said...

Ahh Canada! I hope it's still treating you well and the journey north is still as exciting as you had hoped for!

Tiffany said...

Waiting, waiting, waiting for the Alaska updates!! What, do you think your readers care that you want to get settled in?? NO! GIVE ME MORE!!

Melody said...

I know, I friend Amy left tonite to go back to Chicago :( I'm slowly getting things unpacked, and I start working again tomorrow (Tues) so am not sure when I will fit in more blogging, but I WILL get it done one of these days :)