Thursday, September 22, 2011

New (Old) Crush

Remember way back when, the t.v. show, "Ally McBeal"?  Last Christmas, Costco was offering the whole series for sale...and I bought it for 'nostalgic' reasons (if 10-15 years can be considered nostalgic) :)
It's a show that I remember making me laugh with its quirky characters and goofy story lines.  But one of the most memorable things of the show (for me) was that it gave me an appreciation for Robert Downey Jr. 
I *heart* him  :)
I know he's had his share of ups and downs in life thanks to many poor decisions he's made.  His role on Ally McBeal came just after he was released from prison where he'd served time for drug charges.  At the time I remember thinking 'what are they THINKING' but I ended up LOVING his character on the show.  I wondered if I would still like him as much as I remember the first time around, and after recently watching those episodes again, I can emphatically say "YES" :) 

He looks good with OR without his frames...
but I also just love his character, "Larry Paul" for some reason...he played an attorney and love interest for Ally...and I feel like I have a school girl crush all over again after watching him... :)  He would have continued appearing in more episodes but apparently had not worked through all of his real life drug issues at the time and ended up getting arrested again and was fired from the show. :( 

It looks like he has gotten himself together in recent years, appearing in the "Iron Man" movies as well as with Jude Law in Sherlock Holmes a couple years ago (another movie in which I loved his performance) and is set to make a Sherlock Holmes sequel - can't wait for that to come out!

Would it be bad if I put a poster of him up on my bedroom wall? :)  Just kidding....sort of...

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