Saturday, December 3, 2011

Where Did November Go?

I'm not sure WHAT happened to the month of November...I blinked and it was over!  So before I get REALLY far behind, here's how I spent my Thanksgiving...
I was invited to go on a 5 mile hike Thanksgiving morning with 3 other ladies ~ it was 9 degrees, snowing, and beautiful!  It's a tradition they usually observe with their spouses on Thanksgiving morning but none of their other 'halfs' were available this year so it was a nice 'girls' hike.  The only part of me that got cold was my hand or toe warmers needed (although they were brought along just in case).
We COULD have probably used snow shoes at some points on the trail, but this time around we just stuck to hiking boots...I look forward to going again sometime and giving the snow shoes a try though.  There were several other hikers out, as well as many cross-country skiers, and even one 'fat-tire' biker...this is something I've never seen before...prior to Alaska, when I heard 'fat tire', I thought beer...but for the die-hard bikers, this is the way to get around in the winter...and I've seen several of them around town.  One of the ladies said she has a co-worker who rides his to the office every day.
We all worked up a good appetite, and later I enjoyed a 'guilt-free' Thanksgiving dinner with some other nice Alaskan families.

Friday morning I drove back down to Homer to spend another 3 day weekend with my former 'hostesses', Jeanne & Gracie.  It was a beautiful drive...
During the summer, this river is busy with fishermen, boats and rafts
 potty break for the boys
steam rising off the water

At one point, this was the temperature reading in my car...
the Homer spit

and this time, Jeanne's husband was also in town, so I was able to spend time hearing some of his fishing stories.  
I got a tour of their 58 foot fishing boat...
They were getting it ready to take out cod fishing
This is their 'pot launcher'
They are able to hold up to 100,000 pounds of fish in their boat - pretty impressive!  I didn't get any interior pictures of the boat (the kitchen, sleeping quarters or bathroom) as my camera lens was not the best for capturing some of those areas - let's just say size is relative - in comparison to other boats, this one is quite spacious, but if I were working on a fishing boat, I'd REALLY hope I liked the people I worked with as you're in some pretty close quarters with everyone! :)
 the 'gas station'
This boat had just returned from fishing - notice the ice build-up on parts of the exterior?
This metal ramp down to the boat docks was apparently uncomfortable for certain paws as there were 2 dogs who refused to step onto it and had to be CARRIED each way...
When the tide is high, the waves crash up and over the road to the spit ~ to the point that there are times when the road has to be shut down for an hour or so until the tide lowers.  We were out when it was still high...but no longer at its highest...we could see the road was wet and covered with debris. Jeanne pulled over so I could get some was pretty impressive - and I only got splashed once!
 this is the one that splashed me...see all the yuck & debris?
 the rocks are coated with ice


Robin said...

Sounds like you had a wonderfully unique Thanksgiving Melody. We miss you and can't wait to see you this month.

Mary said...

5 miles in the cold? Wow, you've become quite the rugged frontiers woman! Just like in a Janette Oke novel. :) Glad you had a great Thanksgiving!