Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Random Musings

So the total amount of snowfall for Anchorage in November?  32.4 inches!!!  The snowiest November on record is 38.8 inches in 1994 - this year, we were 1 inch shy of breaking the 2nd place record.  Remember when I was bemoaning the fact I had to spend $$ on snow tires?  Worth every penny!!!  :)

Recent winter sunset...
The past couple of days we've been getting RAIN instead of snow...makes for a big mess of slush and ice everywhere...and the wind...reports of hurricane force winds over 100 mph...it certainly sounded like it from the howling going on outside!  Here's the resulting damage from the wind storm...
 grills knocked over
 broken branch on the deck

 and the top of a large evergreen split off and blocked the driveway

 the remainder of the tree minus the top

Thankfully, I had the help of a family friend and his chainsaw and we got the area cleared pretty quickly.  Using a chainsaw is another first for me!  I may just become a frontier woman yet (frontier women used chainsaws, right?!?) :)

I've been playing Christmas music a lot...between my own personal collection and the radio stations on Pandora, I have a large library to listen to...but it doesn't matter HOW many times I hear this song...it makes me cry...Every. Single. Time.

I love seeing the glow of Christmas lights underneath the snow...
I came across the BEST gift card ever...at Walgreens of all places...don't you agree...isn't this the BEST gift card ever??? :)
 And no post would be complete without the gratuitous puppy shot...

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atvmtngirl said...

Cannot believe the wind you experienced!!