Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Entering the Blogging World

I have been a blog reader / lurker for a couple of years now. I love finding great crafting ideas, quilting inspiration, and new recipes among other things in my blog reading. There are blogs I follow where I feel I know the blogger even though we've never met. It feels a bit voyeuristic at times but I know people only share what they want you to know so I don't feel the least bit guilty peeking into their lives. And then I have friends in real life who blog and even though I know a lot of what is taking place with them, I still enjoy following along in their on-line activities.

I've decided to jump into the blogging world because at the age of 35, I'm making a somewhat major (for me, anyway) life change and wanted to record the experiences as they happen. I also want a way to keep in touch with friends and family who will now all be rather far away.

I've lived in Colorado for all but 2 years of my life and never really gave a lot of thought to moving anywhere else because it is a great place to live. But this past December, an opportunity was presented to me to live in a beautiful home in Anchorage, Alaska and I didn't even think twice about it before saying "YES". This is somewhat out of character for me because I am usually a planner and a worrier and I need to have everything lined up in my life or at least spend time thinking it all through before I make a major decision.

There were 3 major items to take care of as far as I was concerned:
1. Find someone to rent out my Colorado condo
2. Find a job in Anchorage
3. Purchase a vehicle to get me up there

So far, #1 is scratched off my 'to do' list - a college friend of mine will be moving in to my place - such a relief as I will leave many of my belongings here and really wanted someone I trusted to live here ~ thank you Ginger!

#2 is in the beginning stages ~ it is interesting to see how many CO / AK connections there are among friends I have here...I have feelers out for a couple of possibilities...this is not just a job search for is also (hopefully) a career change...I'm not anxious about finding a job...yet...but this is definitely an area I'm praying about...for open doors, for wisdom in where to look and guidance in figuring out what I want to do.

#3 I have been looking for a used vehicle ~ trying not to look TOO hard yet as I really would like to avoid having a car payment until absolutely's definitely tempting to go out and find something right now, but I'm trying to be patient and prudent.

I've been asked if I'm nervous, stressed out, worried etc...and my truthful answer to all of these inquiries is absolutely 'No'. I am really excited about experiencing life in a new city, meeting new people and making new friends. I feel like I am ready for a change in my life ~ I just didn't know how it would manifest itself.

I'm still figuring out blogging so please bear with me - I promise not to always be so wordy and I will include pictures for sure! :)


MaryMary said...

So, umm, when's your next post? :)

ashley said...

Yeah!! So excited to see the blog up and running! can't wait to read more :)