Monday, April 11, 2011

Frisco & Breckenridge

Some people are drawn to the mountains of Colorado for the skiing, or the hiking, or the fishing, or the camping, or any other number of outdoor activities...and while I like to ski, and 'hike' (if you can call it that)...what drew me to the mountains of Colorado this weekend was the food at the Butterhorn Bakery & Cafe in Frisco, CO.  I LOVE this place ~ they have such delicious baked breads, pastries, and other goodies.  My friend Kim (hi Kim), mentioned she'd been craving their Cinnamon Fruit bread and that's all I needed to hear before agreeing to take a trip up to the cafe.  It's a small, local hot-spot ~ usually completely packed out...their famous tag line (seen on the backs of all the staff T-shirts) is:

**Baked! High in the Rockies of Frisco, CO  9097'** 

but I promise there are no 'special' brownies on the menu. :)
 **Located off Main St in Frisco, CO**
**shelves of colorful rainbow mugs**
 **delicious looking cupcakes**
**wonderful raspberry croissants**
 **how many restaurants do you go in that have a
skiing dog hanging from the ceiling?**
**helpful suggestions for the bathroom**

They have delicious sandwiches and soups ~ my favorite soup is their tomato basil...but sadly they did not have it on the menu this time...I still had a yummy grilled cheese sandwhich with avocado and tomatoes on fresh whole wheat bread.  Kim stuck to the breakfast side of the menu and had one of their frittatas.

After brunch/lunch, we drove in to Breckenridge to wander around and visit a couple of fun shops.  We didn't see a lot of skiers in Breckenridge, but we saw a LOOOOOONG line of people waiting to get in to the Breckenridge Beer Fest...not something we opted to participate in but it was a nice day to be out and about in the town.  One of my favorite local shops is called Magical Scraps.  They have really cute handmade items...bags, hats, belts, jewelry, and on and can see a small sampling on their website and Etsy shop, but it's really worth it to take a walk through their store...I was good today ~ I didn't buy anything this time, just admired the talent the ladies of the shop have...I did snap some photos of the store...I've seen these embroidery hoops displaying fabric on other blog sites before and think it's a really cute, inexpensive way to decorate a wall...

**Love this wreath on the door ~ just strips of colorful fabric
tied in knots around a wire metal wreath form**

**aren't these appliqued hand towels so cheerful looking?**

I saved the best for last...this next photo was NOT in
the "Magical Scraps" store ~
but I had to include it...
move over "Mounted in Alaska"...
this is Colorado's version of taxidermy...

Plush Trophy Heads...
could be cute nursery decor for an Alaskan baby, right?  :)

Our final stop of the day before heading back to Denver, was to the Silverthorne Outlets ~ just to check out a couple of stores as we each had some discount coupon offers to use.  My favorite purchase of the day was a light-weight ruffled scarf...I've seen a similar one (almost identical actually) for sale by one of the bloggers I follow, but they are kind of spendy...$28 for a scarf is hard for me to swallow...but I got this one at Eddie Bauer today for a whopping $10!!  Love getting a great deal! :)

All in all, a really great day!!  Thanks Kim! :)


MaryMary said...

For as many times as I've eaten at The Butterhorn, I've never noticed the bathroom signs or the skiing dog. Goes to show you notice more when you are holding a camera. :)

Love those hand towels and the mounted stuffed moose head. Poor stuffed moose.

Ruth said...

What a fun, fun day you had. Makes me want to go to the Butterhorn B & C

The photos really make your blog extra exciting to read. Like Mary, I love the bathroom sign.

T.J. said...

What a fun adventure! I thought the vibrant shot of all those rainbow mugs was super cool.

Glad I could stop by here- your blog title drew me in since I live in Vermont and we have our fair share of moose. Sounds like you are about to embark on an amazing journey moving from Co to Alaska! I imagine there will be just enough similarities to remind you of Colorado and tons of new sights, smells and activities, too. Both of those states are gorgeous!!!

KimT said...

what a fun day--and you got great pics! I am doing my part to make sure my bread doesn't go bad before I finish it. :o) Also, I found another one of your Tyrone Wells CDs and I think I gave you one of mine- we'll arrange a swap.

ashley said...

What a cute town- the shops and goods are adorable! I love the wreath, and think the stuffed moose are pretty cute too. :)

Jenn said...

Fun that you and Kim headed out there again. I can't believe it's been over a year since we were all there. Love all the pix in your're a great photographer!

Melody said...

Thanks Jenn ~ all of the cafe pictures were with my camera phone b/c I left my regular camera in the car... :)

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