Sunday, April 3, 2011

Weekend Activities

This weekend was one of ups and downs, or downs and ups...said good-bye to a friend who moved away...even though I'm leaving in 3 months, it was still hard to see her go...I won't say it was EXACTLY like this Friends episode where Rachel said good-bye to Monica, but there were some tears shed...

Saturday ended up being a GREAT weather day ~ we hit above 80* ~ and took full advantage of it by heading out to a park that is practically in my backyard ~ but was someplace I had yet to visit.  Castlewood Canyon State Park is in Franktown, CO and has many hiking trails to wander around, and many places to see the Cherry Creek flow through the park.  My friends, Ashley & Dean, their two dogs, Angel and Chardy, Duncan, Dave and myself all headed down there. 

It was so nice to be out in the sun ~ the trails we were on were easy to maneuver ~ but there were A LOT of other people enjoying the day as well.  I wasn't sure how Dave would do, but he kept up well, even when we got off the path a little and created our own 'path' / scramble back to the top after spending time down near the creek.  Duncan & Dave don't LOVE baths, so I wasn't sure if they'd go in the water..but they did venture out a short way, at least to get their paws wet...Angel & Chardy have NO reservations whatsoever.  They LOVE the water...

Duncan preferred watching from above

 Angel 'fetching' rocks

 I think the water is still a little chilly

Ashley, Dean & the girls

Muddy dogs get to ride in the back of the car

After an afternoon out in the heat and the sun, a treat is in order...for puppies and humans...Good Times has special doggie treats called "Paw Benders" and they are only $ of the best deals out there.

They were a BIG hit!!


MaryMary said...

Awww. What a fun weekend and good to know on the Paw Benders!I like their little tiny heads poking up over the top of the back of the car.

I still don't believe I moved actually. Yesterday I made some comment about not buying something because I didn't want to lug it back to Denver!

ashley said...

Such cute photos of the doggies! It looks like you had a great time.

Ruth said...

Love all of the pixs. Would love to do that sometime. I've never heard of an eating place that has doggie treats--fun!

Tiffany said...

I love that clip! " . . . What?"

Susan Stevenson said...

What a beautiful furry family you have! Loved the photos of the furkids. :)