Thursday, March 17, 2011

Anchorage Daily News #2

YIKES!!  This is not a headline I want to be seeing...

"Alaska's gas prices 3rd highest;
Hawaii first at $4 per gallon"
Hawaii on Monday reached the dubious milestone of being the first state in recent years to reach the $4 average for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline. According to AAA's Daily Fuel Gauge Report, the Aloha State's $4 a gallon is the highest in the nation and a few cents higher than California's average of $3.959. Alaska was third at $3.902.

Some cities have already hit the $4 mark, including San Francisco, but Hawaii is the first state to reach the mark since 2008.
The national average is $3.558 a gallon, up a nickel from a week ago and 43 cents higher than a month ago.
Wyoming had the cheapest gas in the nation at $3.268.

And I have a feeling it's only going to go up...and up...and up...


rebecca said...

,,,i think you're right "upward" is the trend,,,where i live public transportation "the metro" is available and i use it all the time (only on occasion jumping in the automobile) avoiding at all costs filling up the tank and weeping at the pump!,,,does alaska have adequate public transportation?,,,

Melody said...

Unfortunately, I don't believe there is great public transportation in Anchorage - at least, not where I will be living in Anchorage...that's great that you are able to take advantage of it though!!