Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Free Canvas from Canvas People

Canvas People is a company that converts your photos into a canvas. Back in December they were offering a *FREE* 8x10 canvas (normally $50) - you just pay the $14.95 shipping & handling...

They've decided to offer a *FREE* 8x10 canvas again ~ same deal as the last time - you just pay the $14.95 shipping & handling fee...OR you can get a larger size and take the $50 price off the larger size.

I ordered an 8x10 size in December and I was very pleased with how it turned out. Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of it...and it was a gift so I no longer have it. The Canvas People people are great to work with too - the first photo I submitted did not have good resolution so they let me know so I could send a new picture ~ I would recommend them for sure...I plan to send in another photo and take advantage of this offer!

Here's an example of the 8x10 size and one of the larger sizes from the blog make it and love it

Cute stuff ~ and a fun gift idea for someone's birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day or just because...


Leanne said...

Mel! I love your blog. Good for you! It is fun. I'm adding it to my Google Reader RIGHT NOW. I particularly like the photo of the dogs looking up at you. Awesome.

Melody said...

Hi Leanne :)

Thanks!! I have to give credit to my friend Mary for the header picture...she always takes GREAT pictures...her blog is www.chasingsomebluedky.blogspot.com

Alison said...

How funny! I was just on that site contemplating if I should order one :-). I wanted something for Jack's "big boy" room.

I'm loving your blog---and I also like the photo on your header.

Melody said...

Thanks Alison :)

I just realized I have a typo in Marys blog title...it's www.chasingsomebluesky.blogspot.com

Not 'dky' as listed above

MaryMary said...

You are funny. do you think I will hunt you down if you take credit for the photo? ;)

I miss Pho. Just saying. When I get back, I'll need an immediate Pho injection.

Melody said...

no, not at all Mary...my reasoning is two-fold...one - I want to make sure credit is given where it is due...and two - when people see a major disparity in the photos I'm posting on my blog, vs the
picture(s) you've taken, I want people to understand why!! :)

Pho is on the list ~ I can't believe you can't find one in L.V.