Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Free Canvas

A couple weeks back, I mentioned that the folks at Canvas People were doing their *Free* 8x10 canvas special again...so I took advantage of the special and ordered another canvas...this time I got one for myself since the last one was a gift.

My order was delivered today, and I'll give you one guess as to who the subject of my canvas was...it's MY baby...Duncan... :)

here's the original photo:

and here's the canvas:

I purposely chose a close-up picture of him because I wanted his face to fill the whole canvas, which it does...he was actually sitting on me while I was laying on the couch one night when I took this photo and I love how it looks like he's looking right at me...because he was!  I LOVE how it turned out!  The canvas was sitting in my office this afternoon and I could see it out of the corner of my eye - I have to admit, more than once, I thought Duncan was ACTUALLY sitting over there looking at me - a little spooky.

I also received a promo card with this canvas delivery and they are offering ANOTHER $50 off my next canvas...so I can essentially do the same thing and get a free 8x10 canvas of my OTHER baby, Dave.  :)

At some point, I will probably go ahead and pay the difference in cost to get a larger size canvas (maybe of something scenic) because the 8x10 is actually smaller than you think...but for 2 puppies, it's a perfect size!

If you do order one, I'd love to see how YOUR canvas turns out!

**UPDATE** to yesterday's post about Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup...all I can say is WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...apparently Walmart sells Grandma's Noodles as well, and when I searched the product by zipcode on Walmart's website, they came up as "In Stock" in the 3 Walmarts in Anchorage...I am one HAPPY girl!!!  Remember, it's the LITTLE things for me!! :)


ashley said...

I looooove your canvas! What a sweet picture of your sweet doggie! I have been thinking of doing something like that for our girls. They're the best. :) And yay for finding the noodles here! That's awesome.

MaryMary said...

Great one...poor neglected Dave though. ;)

rebecca said...

,,,great idea for my mother who is celebrating her b'day in may and who adores her bichon frise and thinks he might have just hung the moon!,,,i think i shall look into ordering one of these for mother, thanks for inspiring,,,

Melody said...

I think EVERYONE should have a canvas of their pet(s) :)

Dave is a patient puppy...he wouldn't want me to just use ANY ole' picture of him! I'll get a good one and send it in...he's a little vain that way... :)

atvmtngirl said...

So cute! It turned out great :)