Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pho, Pho, Pho

it's like 'Ho, Ho, Ho'...but pronounced 'Fo, Fo, Fo'...get it?  No?...okay, me either...and technically, I guess it's supposed to be pronounced 'Fuh', (like 'duh') but when I was introduced to it, I was given the 'Fo' pronunciation and so that's stuck with me.  What is it exactly?  Glad you asked... :)

Pho is is a Vietnamese noodle and rice soup...typically served with beef, but also chicken...or tripe if you're feeling adventurous (no thanks).  It's served in a ginormous bowl filled with really hot beef broth, chopped up scallions, onions, cilantro and noodles.  It's also flavored with star anise (something my palate is not sophisticated enough to pick out, but I have been told it's in there, so I'll go with it).  You have the option of having the beef served on the side (to add at your own leisure), or in the broth.  The beef is very thinly sliced (but thicker than carpaccio) and raw (I know it sounds gross, but just wait...).  The broth is so hot that it actually cooks the meat.  By the time my bowl is delivered to the table, the meat is mostly cooked...just a little bit of pink.  Then they provide you with a plate of garnishments...bean sprouts, lime or lemon wedges, slices of jalapeno peppers, fresh basil, and fresh sawgrass leaves ...along with your choice of sauces - hoison or srircha (neither of which I use as I am not a fan of spicy / hot). 

For MY Pho bowl, I always order the rare I said, the beef ends up cooking quickly in the hot broth...I then tear up the basil leaves, add the bean sprouts and squirt fresh lime (or lemon) juice over it and dig in.  That's how I like to eat mine...

Sadly, my fellow Pho friend (say that fast 3 times) is moving away in a week and a half we've been trying to fit in as much Pho eating as we can...and when I bemoaned the fact that my only Pho friend was leaving, she did reassure me that I could always get take-out...which is just won't be the same...  She asked me if there was Pho in Anchorage...I said I didn't know...but after doing a Google search, I breathed a sigh of relief ~ I will not have to go Pho-less in Anchorage.  :)

If you haven't tried Pho, you SHOULD...Pho Sho!!


HeyMaryMary said...

Well, your pho friend is very sad to be leaving the best pho and pho friend ever. ;) Twice in one week is weak. Ha. Let's go again next week.

Alison said...

That sounds really yummy! I've never tried it. Too bad I live so far from you or I would meet you for some Pho... :-)

Ha ha! The random code I have to enter before submitting this comment starts with "pho." :-)

ashley said...

I've yet to try Pho, but I want to! A friend was telling us all about it and it sounds fabulous!

Melody said...

Mary - you're on!

Alison - that's too funny! I wish you were closer too...I'd love to go to pho with you...maybe we can meet in Co Springs sometime and find a place to try.

Ashley - you definitely should try pho! Added's a pretty healthy dish... :)